Regional Advisory Group (RAG)

Chaired by UNAIDS Regional Office in Bangkok, the Regional Advisory Group (RAG), provides an overall strategic guidance and technical support for the SKPA program, offering an external view on issues encountered at national and regional level. RAG members contribute focused input to revisit strategies and approaches when faced with issues or impediments to implementation. RAG members include: UNAIDS regional office, UNDP, technical experts from SKPA countries, KP community members, and the AFAO team.

Term of Reference of RAG

First RAG Meeting

The first RAG meeting was held on May 10th; 2019 in Bangkok.  The purpose of the first advisory group meeting was to;

  • Provide support and advice on strategic issues; implementation; and to some degree operational issues at regional and national level;

  • Ensure that national level strategies guide grant activities; and

  • Revisit national strategies and impediments.

Minute of first RAG meeting

Participants of the first RAG meeting held in Bangkok on may 10th ; 2019 

Second RAG Meeting

The second RAG meeting was held on Dec 16th; 2019 in Bangkok.  

Minute of second RAG meeting

Third RAG Meeting

The third RAG meeting was held virtually on 23rd June 2020.  The meeting discussed on the SKPA program updates, Challenges faced by KPs due to COVID-19; SKPA plan to address the current challenges and increasing the engagement of SKPA with the RAG.

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